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Voice of Music in the Upper Galilee

From 2011-2021 I served as the music director of Israel’s oldest chamber music festival.”Voice of Music in the Upper Galilee”. Many people know it as the Kfar Blum Festival as it takes place in a kibbutz in the Upper Galilee called Kfar Blum. During the years there I created more than 20 programs. Each year we held two events; the spring festival - a short 3 day event and the summer festival - which lasted a week. It was an enormously challenging but very gratifying position. I was able to retain audience attention throughout the years and experiment with formats and themes. As the Covid pandemic hit it became difficult to continue the activities there and I decided it was time to move on to new things.

Elma Music Days

In the summer of 22 I founded, together with my friend Guy Braunstein, a new chamber music festival “Elma Music Days” in the beautiful art complex and hotel in Zichron Yaakov. The Elma hotel and arts complex. We held our first three day event there and to our joy it was a great success resulting in planning ahead for two yearly events - Winter and Summer . 

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